Coaching young women
to do what they need to do,
to be who they want to be.

Through a series of collaborative, relational and conversational sessions, we work together to declutter the mind, organize thoughts, and co-create next steps to manifest who you want to be and what you want to do.

• Grow in confidence

• Achieve your professional goals

• Be more mindful

• Recognise your potential

• Know yourself better

• Improve your relationships

• Develop motivation

• Action change

• Enhance wellbeing

Who is Coaching For

Sometimes we hit those moments that can leave us stuck, confused and unmotivated. This coaching program is specifically designed for all young women with a focus on South Asian women in their ‘20s and early ‘30s – to help you find your way through…. 


Work/life/family balance 

• Emotional decluttering

• Improving relationships

• Building self-confidence 

• Building healthy habits

• Nurturing a positive mindset


• Starting and mapping a career

• Changing careers

• Professional development 

• Alternative career choices 

• Starting your own business


Pursuing personal goals

• Understanding your Why

• Who do you wish to be

• Exploring your many selves 

• Freedom from feeling ‘stuck’

Why is Coaching important

The importance of smaller steps

As women, and particularly as South Asian women, we go through a different set of external and internal expectations and pressures in life and work. I, too, have been on a journey navigating cultures, identities, professions, and myself.


I could not have done this alone and I am grateful for the many people, resources and tools that have guided, coached and mentored me along the way. They have saved me from losing myself, and helped me focus on a successful career path, fulfil my financial, family and cultural responsibilities, remain emotionally and physically robust, and honour my personal aspirations, interests and goals.


My desire and intention are to pay this forward to empower you to be your best self and to do your best work.



What Clients say about Coaching

Coaching Program

This 4-session virtual coaching program is designed to help you on your goals and areas of self development. Each Session is 60 minutes conducted online. Each session is spaced out every 2-4 weeks.

We can begin with a complimentary 20-minute chemistry session before any commitment. Contact me at [email protected]  Or to get started, complete this short survey.

I also run group workshops online and offline on various topics such as Communication Style, building Confidence and Presentation Skills. Please inquire via e-mail.


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